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The Benefits of Writing Articles

You have a business; you are new and want to build a client list. However, the public doesn’t know much about you.

One of the best ways to build the relations, credibility and to help get people to know more about you and your area of expertise is to write articles. People are always looking for good articles for their websites, blogs and newsletters. The important words here are good and content.

Good articles are content rich. The help the reader understand that which you are writing about. It gives them insight, whether it is about Business, Communication, Health or any number of subjects. When you provide an article for your reader, whether you wrote it or published it, you are doing your clients a service by educating them in the areas that they wish to learn. Moreover, your credibility can be built or diminished by the article. Articles also help to keep your website updated and helped to increase your search engine ratings. Stagnate websites that never change, get a much lower rating with Google. As well, do not encourage your audience to come back. They are thinking, ok, I saw it.

A summary of the benefits are:

    For the author, they:

  • Increased Exposure
  • Give Credibility (You show your expertise)
  • Develop Relations (People get to know you better)

  • Create links to your site
  • Give you free Publicity
  • For the Publisher or Website Owner, it provides:

  • Content
  • Related Articles that you don’t have to write
  • Reference and information that you don’t have to write
  • A vast resource of free information

However, it is important to remember that there can be a downside. Of which you can avoid, once you understand what it is.

There is nothing worse than reading an article that is nothing more than a sales letter, a news release or an inflated glorified piece on how wonderful you are. You need to give the public something that they can use. Then they are much more likely to follow your link in your resource box, back to your site to find out more about you.

Remember, that in each article, you are communication something about you. You want the message that be one that encourages people to want to get to know you better, to learn more about you know and to become one of your clients or subscribers.

In your resource box, make sure you are clear, stating who you are and where they can find out more about you. Most article directories and magazines have set limits on the size and amount of information you can place so it is important to ensure it is accurate and inviting. You are not writing articles just for praise and admiration. You do have a business to run and bills to pay. Even if you are a millionaire and want to write just for the shear joy of it and love to teach for free, your resource box is still important, as you would want the readers to know that the information came from a credible source.

So go ahead and get started. Don’t stop at one article, it can easily become buried.. Make it a habit and write them regularly whether it is once a week or once a month. And remember, have fun doing them.

“To Master Communication is to Master Wealth”

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson

The Benefits of A Custom Essay Writing Service

A large number of web based custom essay writing services on the internet cater to writing all kinds of customized essays, ranging from academic essays and term papers to theses and dissertations. These essay writing services are a great help to students throughout the world who do not have the time to research for and complete an academic assignment. These web sites are especially helpful for people who are pursuing a degree while working full time and have a major time crunch throughout their days and nights what with having a regular job and attending university at the same time. There are many benefits of using a good custom essay writing service for writing your papers and essays.

# Custom essay writing services do just what they say—they write customized essays for you. Every essay is created from scratch after receiving your instructions. Therefore, there are hardly any chances of someone else submitting anything similar to your essay. It is however, important to convey all your requirements, ranging from topic, subject, word limit, sources, research material, kind of citation and style of writing in order to get your essay written just the way you want it.

# Almost all good custom essay writing services employ people who are at least graduates in their respective fields. This means that your paper will not be written by just anybody, but by someone who has already passed the course that you are currently pursuing.

# Since custom essay writing firms employ people with all kinds of qualifications, you can get academic papers and essays written on a vast number of subjects ranging from Anatomy and Anthropology to Technology and Zoology with everything other subject from A-Z being catered for.

# All custom essay writing services provide you with material that is 100% original. These papers go through at least one anti plagiarism test in order to ensure that you do not have to worry about submitting an assignment that has even a single line copied from some other place without being mentioned in the bibliography.

# Almost all essay writing firms will format your essay as per your needs and also provide a free title page and bibliography with your paper. So once you receive your paper all that is required is for you to submit it, without undergoing any kind of hassle. Life definitely gets easier because of these essay writing firms.

# Custom essay writing services can create well written research papers within 24 hours. So in case you forgot all about your paper and remembered it when you are already too busy with other projects, then you can just pass on your assignment on to an essay writing firm and receive a well researched, written and formatted paper which can be submitted on time.

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson

THE SYNOPSIS…made easy!

You have completed your mss, you have even written a cover letter to enclose with your mss, but still, that is not enough! You need a synopsis of your work to add to them as well.

What is a synopsis?

A synopsis is a summary of your work. You must always enclose a synopsis with your mss. Do not expect the editor/publisher to read your mss without it, as they do not have much time available. Your synopsis will tell them if it is worth reading further on. So, it is important to write a good synopsis , as it is this document that represents and will sell your work.

How to write a synopsis.

First write the title of your work, followed by your name.

Then write the word SYNOPSIS in the middle.


TURTLES By Jason Brown


Now, try to be brief and precise. This is only the outline of your work, so skip details or any unnecessary information.

Let us suppose you have written a book about Turtles. You can start:

‘The proposed book, aimed at pet lovers and pet owners would extol the…’

(you must state who your book is aimed at and what it is about)

Then you can add a new paragraph:

‘The book would fill a much needed gap in the market because…’

(You must justify the need for your book. Try to find a good reason, so as to persuade the prospective publisher that it is worth investing on your work.)

Now, go for the lay out of your book. You could write:

‘It is suggested that the book should contain 10 chapters on the breeds..’

The introductory chapter would deal with the…followed by a chapter on…’

Finally, you can end:

‘It is considered that chapters would also be included on…’

Bear in mind that in your synopsis you are marketing an idea, which will be backed up with a specimen chapter and a list of chapters.

You must be original. Publishers need a fresh approach, even if the subject you have written about is common.

Be brief. No more than 1000 words ( original 50,000) or less. Usually one A4 page sheet is enough. The shorter, the better.

Write your name, address contact numbers (e-mail) at the end of the synopsis.

In the case of a novel, write down the plot of the story in one page. Keep the main points and discard the rest. The publisher will only want to know what your story is about, the basics of the plot, and what happens in the end. If he likes it, he will go on to read your specimen copy.

Be prepared to wait for a long time before you get a reply. Do not call the publisher and do not send a fax. Be patient. However, if you don’t get a reply in the specified time, write or e mail to the publisher. e.g. You can say:

Dear Mr. Brown, (publisher’s name)

I wonder what has happened to my novel, (title) , sent to you on (date).

I would be grateful if you could send me a reply at your earliest convenience.


Mary Smith (your name)

That’s all. Now, you can start writing your synopsis.


Liana Metal 550

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson

Submitting Articles To Article Directories: How Much Traffic Can I Really Bring In?!

I like to surf around different internet forums that deal with internet marketing, link building, traffic building, and search engine optimization. Lately, I have seen a lot of questions about using articles as a marketing tool. The question has been this:

“How much traffic can I get from submitting articles to article directories?”

I would honesty love to tell you that you get loads of traffic. On the other hand, I would love to be able to tell you that you wouldn’t get a lot of traffic. However, I cannot tell you either way because it really just depends.

It depends on these things:

  • How many articles you submit
  • How many directories you submit your articles to
  • Where you submitted your article
  • Quality of your article
  • Usefulness of your article
  • Value of your article

So if article writing appears so iffy, why do it? One thing I will say is that article marketing is not something you will usually see results from overnight. Article marketing is a great long term investment for promoting your website, building links, and generating more traffic. Article marketing is only iffy if you are looking for a short term or fast, quick way to generate traffic.

My best advice is to avoid writing garbage content. Provide useful information in your article. Keep a constant mindset that you are writing for people and not to see the traffic stats go up through the roof. You are not writing for numbers! You are writing for people. If you are writing for numbers, you may begin to feel discouraged because your traffic will not usually jump overnight. Quite simply, it takes time to realize the positive effects from article writing.

I know that I am guilty of taking short cuts and forgetting about the reader in my articles. Sometimes I am feeling lazy and think, “Well I’m writing this article. My link will be on my article, so therefore, people will click my link and all will be well.” That is wishful thinking on my part! The truth and reality about that statement is that nobody will care to click to my website if my article is not worth reading. They won’t even make it through the article to see my link! That’s a shame.

If your article fails to meet the reader, you also miss out on another important aspect. You miss out on the chance that the reader will take the article and distribute it to other people with your link attached to the article. That’s even more possible traffic you are missing out on!

Quality is so essential to article marketing. The other factors of article marketing have no match for a quality article. You could submit to few article directories and many would read your quality article because it is an article worth reading.

To summarize, write quality articles that meet the reader. Give the reader exactly what they want. Do not take shortcuts because there are no shortcuts in article marketing. Article marketing can be a time consuming process, but if done right, it will really, and I mean really, pay off in the long run.

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson

Structure Your Article for Maximum Impact

Writing articles is one of the best ways to promote your service or product since it establishes you as an expert in the field and you can get hundreds, if not thousands of links back to your website. But not all articles are created equal. In order to get the maximum benefit from your article writing they should have a consistent layout and structure. Follow these tips to give structure to your content and your articles will have a much bigger impact and stand a better chance of getting published.

For people whose literate capabilities extend to that last school essay that they handed in with a sigh of relief, writing an article is a daunting task and the end result often looks like a wasteland of grey text. A good article is written in such a way that it pulls the reader in and guides him through the content. Conforming to a standard format also makes it easier for article directories and sites that publish content to pick up your article and publish it. It also contributes to a professional image of you, the writer.

Here are the components of an article and how you should use each one for maximum benefit.

~ Title ~ The title of your article, like the title of your website, is probably the most important part of your article. And, much like the title of your website, you are writing for both the search engines as well as human beings. For the sake of the search engines, include your main keyword or keyword phrase in the title. For the sake of your reader, you have to create a title that will “pull the reader in”. In other words, your title must persuade the reader to read the rest of your article.

But here is a tip from Chris Knight of EzineArticles – do not start your title with: “7 tips for …” or

“5 ways to …” The first 3 or 4 words are the most important, and by doing this you are wasting important space! Rather use your keyword or keyword phrase at the beginning, followed by the number or ways, or tips that you are going to discuss. For example: Organize your office: 7 tips for never losing that $1000 check again

Another tip for coming up with a killer title is to use some of the headline making software that helps you come up with compelling headlines for your sales letters, like Headline Creator Pro. While you might not actually use the headlines it suggests, you will quickly have a list of 100 headlines to play around with and modify. Just be careful though of not loading your title with too much hype – you are, after all, writing an article and not a sales letter!

~ Summary or Introduction ~ The summary, or description, of your article is often overlooked. This might be the only piece of text that will be displayed when your article shows up in an article directory. Sometimes you have the option of submitting the summary separately, other times the article directory software simply takes the first paragraph or so of your article. I suggest that you focus on the first paragraph of your article to provide you with your summary and introduction at the same time.

Like the title, it should create curiosity in the mind of your reader to entice them to read further. Please remember that a good article tries to solve some problem for the reader – try and describe what problem THIS article will solve. Describing the problem by means of a story or example help to make it real in your reader’s mind. A personal example also helps to establish you, the writer, as a real person and creates a rapport with your reader.

~ Body ~ The body of your article will bring across your main solution to the problem that you have sketched in the mind of your reader in your summary and introduction. Please remember to stick to ONE topic! It is very tempting to branch off into different directions, especially if you are enthusiastic about your area of expertise. If you find that you are wandering off into other areas, even if they are related to your main topic, consider saving that information in a scratch pad and make another article out of the material.

DO use bullet points or subheadings to break up your article. Bullets and headings catch the eye and once more pull the reader into the text. But some article directories do not allow HTML code or other formatting inside your body. My suggestion is that you write for ‘text only’ as a standard. Simulate bullets and headings by making use of numbers, capitals, or a special character, like the tilde (~), or star (*).

~ Ending ~ The ending should summarise the reasons why the article solves the problem stated in the title and the introduction. Try and end with an interesting point or final quote, to invite readers to further investigate the topic.

~ Resource box ~ The resource box is the place to write a mini-ad for your site, service or product. You can send people directly to an affiliate link here, or direct them to your site. Try to make the link contain your major keyword or keyword phrase, for maximum ‘backlink’ benefit – if you can.

If you follow this simple layout structure (obviously combined with great content!) for your articles you will find that – more article directories will accept your articles for submission – you present a professional image that instils confidence in your reader – your articles will get published on more websites, leading to more traffic in short, your articles will get the exposure they deserve!

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson