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The Writer and The Web

If your dream is to get published, the chance is before you.The web has opened the portals of opportunity to all aspiring writers and freelance writers . It’s a whole new world with unlimited access to ideas and subjects for writers. Endless resources and information are available at the click of your mouse to help you get started and keep you going. It’s up to you to exercise due diligence to make your dream of writing a reality. It does not happen overnight. It all starts with that first, small step towards pursuing your dream. The internet offers all kinds of avenues for anyone who has ambitions to write. Where do you begin? Read what the multitude of e-zines and newsletters have to offer. This gives you an idea of what interests people as they spend more and more time surfing the web. What are the latest trends ? Pay attention to issues that tend to pop out here and there, again and again. Subscribe to pertinent groups or forums that can be helpful in your quest. Stay abreast with the latest news, be interested in anything and everything. Open up your mind. Then, you can decide which venue is right for you. Ask yourself, are you interested in mainstream type of writing ? Or would you choose specific areas of interest? Assess your inclinations, your passions and your hobbies.What beliefs do you hold close to your heart? Make a list. In your career, what is your area of expertise? Do you write reports ? Do you keep a journal? A diary? You’re already a writer! Get excited about writing down your ideas. The golden opportunity is before you, as never before. Actually, jumping in the bandwagon of writing for the internet can be overwhelming for the faint of heart, confusing for the skeptic, yet exciting for the go-getter. Which one are you? The internet is open to all segments of society and to people from all walks of life. Access is not limited to the technologically inclined. It is no longer as intimidating as it was when the information superhighway first opened in the 20th century. People are less apt to admit their computer illiteracy, rather, more members of our society are learning how to navigate the cyberspace. Learn about the basic rules of writing for the web. Cyber readers tend to be fast thinkers, speed readers, with only seconds to spare. If you want to grab their attention, remember, you only have precious few seconds to do it. Take heart. You already know this. You love to see your by-line. The web will help you get your name out there. The more you write, the better you’ll get at it. Technically, if your work gets published on-line, you are considered published. Only thing, writing for the web for the countless e-zines and newsletters and web-sites is not for those who intend to make a living from their writing. Not at the start. If you are willing to write and submit your articles for free, don’t miss out. For the aspiring writer, it is a good way to start. The more you write, the more exposure you will get, readers will get to know your name. Writing for the internet helps to drive traffic to your website. What are you waiting for?

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson

The Top Must Have’s In ALL Articles!

The importance of articles in today’s websites and internet based companies are immeasurable. They dictate a lot in the success and the drive of traffic into one’s site. They have become a key element in making a site work and earns a profit. A website operator and owner must have the good sense to include articles in his or her site that will work for them and earn them the many benefits articles can give to their site. Articles have been known to be the driving force in driving traffic to a website. Articles are a factor in giving site high rankings in search result pages. The higher a site ranks the bigger slice of the traffic flow pie he gets. With a huge number in traffic flow, there are more profits and more potential for other income generating schemes as well.

But, it is not just about stuffing your site with articles; they have certain requirements as well. These requirements must be met to obtain the maximum benefits an article will provide for your site. A well written article will catch the eyes and interest of your customers and keep them coming back for more. They would also be able to recommend your site to others.

These are some tips to help you and assist you in making your articles. Below you will read about four things all articles must have to make it successful and helpful in making your site a profit earning and traffic overflowing site.

Keywords and Keyword Phrases.

Your article must always be centered on the keywords and keyword phrases. As each website visitor goes to a site, there are those who are just merely browsing but actually looking for a specific something. When this happens, a searcher usually goes to a search engine and types in the keywords they are looking for (e.g. Toyota Camry, Meningitis, Tax Lawyer and Etcetera). It could be anything they want.

The most important thing is that you have an article that has the keywords that are related to your site. For example, if you maintain an auto parts site, you must be able t have articles about cars and their parts. There are many tools in the internet that provides service in helping a webmaster out in determining what keywords and keyword phrases are mostly sought out. You can use this tool to determine what keywords to use and write about.

Keyword Density

Now that you have your keywords and keyword phrases, you must use them fully. An article must have good keyword density for a search engine to “feel” its presence. Articles should at least have ten to fifteen percent of keyword density in their content for search engines to rank a site high in their search results. Getting a high rank is what articles do best for a site.

The keyword density is the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase is used on an article. The number varies depending on the number of words used in an article. An effective article must have a keyword density that is not too high or too low. With a very high density, the essence of the article is lost and may turn off a reader as well as the search engines. It comes off as overeager. A low number may be ignored by the search engines.

Good Article Content

As like what is stated above, you cannot just riddle an article with keywords. They must also be regarded as good reading materials. Articles must be able to entertain people as well as provide good information and help for their needs. Articles should be written well with correct spelling and good grammar. If you want people to trust you, make your work good and well thought out.

Most people respond well to figures, facts and statistics. Try to get great information and as many facts as you can. A good and well written article will boost your reputation as an expert in your chosen field or topic. As more people believe in you. They will be able to trust you and your products.

Linking Articles

Also another important thing to remember. If you are going to submit articles to ezines and/or contribute your articles to newsletters and other sites, DON’T ever forget to include a link to your site. A little resource box with a brief description of your site and you should always be placed right after your articles that you have submitted. If people like your articles, they will most likely click on the link directing them to your site.

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson

The Source, Of Course

Writing “net friendly” articles does not mean we can automatically leave out any mention of our sources. There is a tendency for many writers to simply write their material and not cite their sources, particularly when it is obvious that a source has been quoted somewhere within the body of the article.

Generally, what I do when it comes time to mentioning sources for an internet article, I attempt to first find that information on the internet and, if it is there, I simply provide anchor links in my article back to that source. In addition, I try to link directly to the page where the information is listed instead of pointing someone to the site’s index page. Why make it difficult for your readers to find out exactly where you obtained your information? Take them directly to the source, of course!

Other than that, I add the customary and appropriate resource information in my footers [or endnotes as some would call them] at the end of the article. Some may disagree with my methodology particularly with my anchor link citations, but it appears to be the best way to cite sources in this information age.

Remember: flexibility is the key when writing for the internet, but not at the point of failing to cite the appropriate sources when it is necessary to do so.

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson

The importance of writing articles

If you want inbound links to your site one way to do this without paying is writing articles and post them in different sites that allow you to submit articles.

Writing articles is one of the best ways to promote your web site. It is one of the best ways to build the relations, credibility and to help get people to know more about you and your area of expertise is to write articles. One advantage that you can get with writing articles is that if your article get submitted it is an automatic inbound link to your site without having to add a link on your site to them.

People are always looking for good articles for their websites, blogs and newsletters. By submitting your articles and allowing others to publish them free of charge you begin to develop credentials in your field and essentially “brand” yourself through your name. Make sure you submit your article on the right category and also make sure you write the articles according to their terms. If you don’t follow the terms then you won’t have your article publish.

It is through well written articles and keeping your visitor wanting to learn more that you will see more traffic on your Web site. More traffic means more profit for you. By having lots of articles on lots of web sites around the world, you automatically rank above average on search engines because of your link popularity. All those links in the resource box back to your site can make a big difference in search engine ranking.

Need traffic? Write an article.

Need sales? Write an article.

Need Your Name branded? Write an article.

Writing newsletter articles can do all of these and more. So start writing articles Now!

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson

The Different Methods of Article Writing

by Ken Nadreau

If we were to try to list all the different article writing styles that exist or will exist, we’d probably end up with an encyclopedia, because writing styles are like fingerprints. No two are completely alike.

But there are some basic development structures that are, more often than not, used by the vast majority of article composers.

After all, there are very few reasons why you’d want to write an article in the first place, and so every article written will most likely have a similar purpose based on these few motives.

For example, you have the desire to either sell a product, build content for your website, establish yourself as an expert in your field, any combination of these, or all of the above.

That’s about it, unless it’s merely your job.

So there’s usually some fundamental similarities among articles that can be drawn upon when you’re setting out to write one yourself.

Take a look . . .

1. Product Introduction and Advertisement

When writing an article, it’s not customarily wise to blatantly advertise your product directly. Readers are looking for information that will help them understand how to do something, or for recommendations about what to use.

If they wanted to be advertised to, they’re simply go to the Classifieds and pick out the best product for the money.

So when you’re setting out to write an article about a product, it’s best to build your article loosely around the product without actually naming it or describing it.

That’s what your sales page is for, right?

Thus when you want to write an article introducing a product, set out to create a scenario describing a situation where a product like you’re marketing could be used.

Start with the problem that needs solving and conclude with some possible solutions. What you’re doing is building an argument and leading the reader to an obvious conclusion. Finish it off with your bio box that leads them to your sales page.

2. Building Content

The key to building good, solid content for your website is somewhat different than writing an article to introduce your product. With your product introduction, your article is, obviously, product driven.

But when you want to build content, your motivation would be more niche driven, or keyword specific.

The objective is to fill your website with keyword rich article content to entice the Search Engines to spider your site with as much enthusiasm as possible. The more information you can supply on a specific topic, the more your site will be viewed as important and useful to general web surfer.

The Search Engines want people to use them, so when they find such a website, they’re more than happy to list it.

So to accomplish this, your article would start out with a single keyword or key phrase that’s specific to your website to establish the purpose behind it.

By sticking to this specific topic, you’ll be assuring yourself of a well written article that fits right in with your website’s theme.

3. Establishing Yourself as an Expert

Of all the reasons for writing articles, this one should be viewed as a long range approach. The concept behind it is to gradually produce articles based on one particular field in order for your readers to learn to associate your name with that one field.

The intended outcome is to establish yourself as a teacher, and one who has good recommendations to give. This, in turn, will help you develop a following of people who would actually go out of their way to find articles you’ve written.

This is a great way to build a mailing list too.

Once you’ve written several articles about a topic, you can then add a link in your bio box to a free report or ebook. When the readers click on the link, they’re taken to a page that requires them to sign up to get the free publication.

So the more expertise you show in your articles, the more sign ups you’ll get.

4. Combinations

Of course you can combine any of these methods and still come off with some great articles. However, you’d want to want to build on one method and incorporate the others in with less enthusiasm.

For example, you’d be hard pressed to prove yourself an expert and build a following if your articles were always obvious product endorsements. And your content building efforts would suffer if every article was more about your expertise than the niche topic its supposed to be about.

So though its possible, you’re best bet would be to choose one method, or one purpose and stick with it for each article.

Whichever method you choose, its vital that you provide good quality work. Articles are a lot like Classifieds in one important way. A good one can entice almost assured positive response, and a bad one . . .

Well you know the answer to that.

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson