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Overcoming Writer’s Block

Do you suffer from writer’s block? Is there a pending project you are putting off because you lack the inspiration to even get it started? You certainly are not alone. At various times you will go through extended periods of energetic writing as well as lengthy dry spells. Here are some tips you may want to consider to help you keep those slow times to a minimum.

Idea Mining If you do not have a specific topic in mind, start brainstorming to come up with a variety of topics. I get plenty of my ideas when I take a thirty minute brisk walk through my neighborhood. Watching rabbits eating clover, observing colorful roses, and listening to the sweet conversation of cardinals puts me at ease. When I am relaxed, I can think much more clearly. It sure beats sitting in front of my computer fretting about my work! Find something that brings out the inspiration in you.

Get Interested Writing on a topic that interests you is much easier to do than when you must write about a topic that you either: a) do not find interesting, or b) you are not particularly knowledgeable about. You can raise your interest by researching the topic. Read other online articles, go to the library and read a chapter or two in a related book, or contact someone familiar with the subject at hand [an enthusiatic expert is best]. After a certain amount of research your curiosity should be piqued which will help fuel your interest in the topic.

Make an Outline Write a topic sentence and then “bullet” three or four key points that you want to make. Expand each point into one paragraph each; collectively these points will comprise the body of your article. A brief conclusion [summation] tying all the points together at the end of the article will bring things “to a wrap.”

Sit on it No, I am not being obscene. Rather, once you have written your article put it aside for a day or two and then come back to it. A fresh perspective has a way in helping you craft a better article. More than likely you will catch grammatical errors, locate incomplete or unclear thoughts, or find errors in punctuation by stepping back for a period of time.

You can overcome writer’s block by following the above steps. If you find yourself hindered by the “paralysis of analysis” when it comes to selecting a winning topic, then you must step away, regroup, and come back only when sufficiently inspired. Writing with clear purpose and enthusiasm will happen once you put your writer’s block beyond you.

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Rick Nelson

Outsource Content Writing in India

The emergence of the Internet has led through the entire sphere of activities whether they are business ventures, public services, government departments or publications. Each and every business whether commercial or private has a website to represent them which propagates its individual sphere of activity. This has made easy for the visitors to get the information they are craving without wasting any time and at the minimum of cost. But ironically having a website does not serve the purpose. The website’s content must be updated, informative and should be attractive enough to attract more and more customers. This is when content writing comes into picture.

Web content writing popularly known as content writing is the most important task which should be given the utmost attention. Thus, it is essential for the content writer to make the article as informative and reliable as possible. Content writing should be very engrossing so that at the very first glimpse the viewer is attracted towards it and he is kept glued to the article. Thus, content writing should be done specifically for the target audience and it is wise to this research beforehand. Apart from that the content should not be long-winded as majority of the web viewers don’t have the patience to read lengthy articles with repetitive content. Henceforth it should be able to convey the information precisely and briefly.

Web content writing should be very alluring as there are so many other web pages that are just a click away. So having an informative content or article becomes very important. In recent years it has been witnessed that companies from all over the world are finding India to be the hub of top quality content writing and web content writing solutions. The reason is the cost effective work with excellently written piece. Majority of Indian content writers are famous for their high class content writing skills and it won’t be wrong to say that English language has been given a completely new horizon by them. Majority of the content writing work is outsourced to India because Indian content writers possess superb writing and search engine optimization abilities along with the desired experience.

Herein, you’ll receive the content written by the best content writers who are extremely adroit in the English language and also have a flair for writing, which is entrenched in their blood, even though English is not their mother tongue. Seeing this outbreak, content writing services have grown significantly in India in the past few years. Hence, now you can find content writers, professionals and freelancers, in the field who have given certain boost to this industry.

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Rick Nelson

Online Writing – Is This The Perfect Title?

With online writing, an article title has to accomplish many things. It has to make it easier for the reader to find the article. It has to tell the reader what the article is about. It has to entice the reader to read the article. It has to be acceptable for submission to article directories. How do you accomplish all this in one title?

Sometimes you can’t. Still, you try to include as many elements of a good title as you can. The “best” or “perfect” title will be a different combination of factors for each unique article. Let’s look at what makes the title of this article work.

Online Writing Is About Keywords

They won’t read your article if they can’t find it. How do they find it? Most often now, readers use search engines. If you don’t have the keywords they are searching for in the title, it is less likely it will show up in their search results. In this case, there is good traffic for the keyword “online writing.” That is why it is in the title and will be repeated in this article a few times as well.

Don’t Fool The Reader

You can get cute with article titles, but if you don’t also let the reader know what the article is about in the title or description, you’ll have problems. A searcher may just pass on your article because he doesn’t know what it is about. He may click-through to read the article, then get annoyed when he finds that he was mislead. He won’t be likely to click over to your website then, will he? This article, by the way, is clearly about online writing.

Titles That Grab Attention

Questions involve the reader, and make it more likely they will go beyond the title to the article. They want the answer, of course. That’s why I use a question for this article. The fact that you are reading this article hopefully shows that this was a good strategy. There is more than one way to grab someone’s attention though. Other good titles include words like “How To,” “Top Ten,” and “Easy Ways To,” as well as “You,” “Your,” “Free,” “New,” and “Best.”

Formatting Issues

Titles for online article-writing need to be acceptable to the owners of the directories, websites, and newsletters where you hope your article will be published. Good keyword optimization helps – you’re not the only one hoping to get traffic from that article. They also need to be a reasonable length, so they don’t look awkward on a page, or take too much room in a newsletter. Three to seven words is ideal although more words are okay if they are shorter, and perhaps fewer is better if they are longer.

Finally, you should always deliver on the promise of the title. You want the reader to not only read the article, but to feel like they got what they were looking for, and so can trust you. After all, the whole point of online writing is to get that reader to read right through the article to the resource box, where they can click-through to your website.

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson

One thing that improves salescopy, newsletters & articles

We’ve all been there, sometimes it’s tough coming up with new things to write about. Depending your topic, it may even be an area that rarely has any new spice to it.

If you’re like most you have no time to do comprehensive research before writing your next newsletter or article.

What If you knew one secret that top online marketers already know that puts tons of fresh content at your finger tips with little time investment?

A swipe file can do all this and a bit more for you by giving you a place to turn. What’s a swipe file?

It’s a place to store all your resources on a given topic in one place, they can prevent writers block, give you tons of facts to quote, and pull new ideas from.

How do you go about aquiring one?

Whether you use an electronic swipe file using a folder on your computer to search thru, or a paper one, they all have the same benefit.

A paper swipe is as easy to start as grabbing an accordian file from a local office supply store (ask one they all know what they are).

What goes into my swipe file?

* RSS Feeds
* Press Releases
* Other People’s Newsletters
* Photos
* speeches
* Brochures
* articles
* stats
* Newspapers
* Magazines
* Promos
* Salesletters
* Reports / Stats / Studies

But how do I know if something should go in my swipe file or not?

It Grabbed You.. Things that grab your attention like good headlines, testimonials or a good story.

It Inspired You.. This can be things that establish good credibility, a great warranty, good testimonials or strong benefits.

It Shocked You! Some things that could do this would be good statistics, a huge promise, a shocking picture.

Any thrown together swipe file no matter how loose, or organized, has benefits. Remember, they’re always a work in progress and there’s no right way to organize it.

In my recent book, I even talk about creating a completely electronic swipe file that adds all these content types on it’s own from all over the web based on keyword phrases you choose.

Build your own swipe file and just watch how often you refer to it!

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson

New to Article Writing – Start Here

First, go back to basics. The whole idea of article writing is to communicate. You have found good information, news, drama, or opinion on a timely subject and feel you have something to say about it. Perhaps you have no more to say about it than any one else but your way of elucidation may help people to see something a little better or something they may have missed. This is good stuff but then comes the business of writing it.

I have found myself getting too long winded in some of my articles. When I found out that the best article length in general is between 450 to 650 words I started to modify my writing to fit that criteria. I still get cramped up sometimes wanting to write more but knowing I’ve said enough. In time I found a way to keep things both simple and readable without sparing important content.

It is so simple I am almost embarrassed to say it. But if a thing works it should be made known. If you were to pick up a pen and write a letter to a friend what form would it take?

Would it have a summary, seven points and a huge wrap up? No it wouldn’t. What it would have is three major divisions, an introduction, two or three points and a conclusion. This may not be the best form for every article you write but it is an excellent place to start if you’re new to article writing. It is also a good place to fall back to when you have gotten far too complicated and bogged down in form and polish.

I am not suggesting that you cease to get all the advice you possibly can to improve your writing skills. I have a few sites I refer to constantly to learn new things. One of my favorites is “Pointeronline.” Every once in a while I have to re-simplify to make sense of something I’m trying to say, try it yourself. Remember, introduction, two or three points and a conclusion.

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson