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Making your site explode with Article Marketing

What is Article Marketing?

The act of writing one 300-400 word article and submitting it to various sites–is the surprise online marketing medium of the past year. For a couple years, new marketers have been advised to promote their businesses by writing and distributing articles.

This worked so well that recently article marketing has hit the mainstream. Sites like have helped to create perfect conditions for article marketing. Far from being an underground or little noticed way of marketing, article marketing has come into its own as a leading form of marketing on the web.

What’s best about this marketing form is that by far and large it’s free to use. Simply write an article, visit a resource site that holds a list of directories such as and go ahead submit your article.

What are the benefits of Article Marketing?

Free Backlinks – A link from a site that you’re not linked back to has more value than one where you may be required to link back to, simply because changes in the way search engines rank sites now include an adjustment for exchanged links.

Increased Traffic – Your article gets published on multiple web sites that pull free content from the major article directories. People then read these articles and visit the website you are promoting.

Expert Status – After writing many articles on a certain subject you will be recognized as an expert in the matter, you will be surprised how many people will be contacting you with questions.


In conclusion, article marketing online represents one of the most essential ways many internet home business owners use to market their internet business programs online.

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson

Make your Speech a Success….

Once a young priest asked his honest grandmother how she found his first sermon. She answered:” I noticed only three flaws in it. First, you were reading. Second, you were not reading very well. And third, that sermon was not worth reading at all!” We can only imagine how the priest reacted to such words. But I don’t think he was pleased. In some colleges and universities after submitting your term papers you have to present them orally. You are expected to make public speeches and to capture the attention of your exacting professors. How to avoid such comment from their side? And instead impress them with your speaking and be proud of yourself? They say, that if you steal one idea it is plagiarism and if a lot of then it is education. Why can’t we learn from the most prominent orators and their secrets of success? Let’s do it right now. No long speeches!!! You can make a speech longer than 20 minutes, but remember you are not paid for it. Never say “In conclusion”, “And the last thing I would like to tell you” if you have more than a minute before the actual end. Your listeners will be bored to death, when after these words you continue speaking for another 15 minutes. Maneuvering! Without some maneuvers your speech will be insipid like meat without salt. Expression Your speech is your way of giving a part of you to people. Expression may be considered as inner speech. Be emotional and people will listen to you with interest. Humor (not at colleges/ universities) If you are not making your speech on your college term paper, say something funny and something humorous at the beginning of the speech. If people smile at you, they are yours. Humor is some kind of emotional argument, which people accept with pleasure. Practice makes perfect. If you are at the football ground for the first time, you are hardly to become a leading player. Don’t miss a single opportunity to make speeches in public.Pausing.Maugham said, that if you took a pause, make it a long one. Scientists determined that being silent (not shouting) serves as an attention grabber. Your pauses will give a listener ability to think about your words. Don’t panic. You must not make excuses like:
* You had too little time for preparation
* See the microphone for the first time

* You are worried and so on. It has a negative effect on the emotional atmosphere among the audience. And then it will be more difficult and confusing for you to go on speaking. It is better to joke and if you stumbled, that is all right. Make a pause and then go ahead. Let your silence be thoughtful: You will impress everyone, if after a reflecting pause; you will continue your speech with more energy. Contrasts always capture attention.

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson

Make Your Article Writing Fast And Profitable

Profitable article writing is one of the most necessary elements online when focusing on fabulous returns online and making more money online. Profitable article writing is writing and submitting informative articles with the intent to create traffic, adding revenue to the bottom line, that part being the most necessary. With profitable article writing and making more money online, it is necessary that you follow proven ways online and yet still find ways to creatively innovate repeatedly, once again looking for fabulous returns online.

Article writing is considered an old yet very effective method of marketing and advertising. A lot of marketers both new and professional have had a taste of writing articles as a tool to market and promote a product or a business. Most of these article writers have common tips and techniques to give and suggest on how can one be an effective article writer.

Here are the necessary ways to get to fabulous returns online with profitable article writing:

• For fabulous returns online in profitable article writing and making more money online, you have to focus intently on necessary elements online, and be able to brainstorm effectively to come up with creative solutions.

• For fabulous returns online in profitable article writing and making more money online, you have to prioritize effectively and to get first things first consistently and be able to leave the unnecessary things for last, if ever.

• For fabulous returns online in profitable article writing and making more money online, you have to look at the big picture and creating an action plan to make things happen. What kind of results are you looking for? Set a goal and determine what it will take, in solid action, to get there.

• For fabulous returns online in profitable article writing and making more money online, you have to write new articles everyday and maximize your relationship with them daily.

• Article writing is not about writing it with highly stated lexical words. Writing is never at all about the usage and employment of “highly educated” choice of words. In fact, it is always been suggested that when writing any document form, a writer must use conversational, ordinary, and easy to understand words and always stay away from using highly technical ones. So, loose your worries about using big words in writing.

• Article writing is all about writing from what your inner soul tells you to write. People who read your article material will have a way of knowing and sensing your sincerity to reach out to them. When you relay information to people, they will now if what you are doing is all a masqueraded drama. So, when you write, follow your heart and soul.

• Article writing is all about perfecting your craft. There is no such thing as perfect article the first time you write. Your skill of writing continues to evolve as you go on writing. Make sure that as you go on writing, you develop yourself towards becoming the best article writer there is.

• Article writing is learning from others. As a writer, one of your sources towards having a meaningful, well written article is from other people’s point of view. Learn to learn ideas from other people most especially those people who have earned reverence from other writers. They have the experience and the wit to share.

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson

Maintaining Article Integrity

Inasmuch as I enjoy writing, I do not enjoy participating in schemes to create “templated” articles for other “authors” to use or misuse to their delight. Or, at the very least, to profit from my hard work!

On occasion, I am asked by a client to take someone else’s article, make some changes, and make it their article. Quite frankly, this smacks of plagiarism…I won’t do it, so please don’t ask!

Instead, if there is a general idea in a particular article that strikes a responsive chord in you, I would be interested in taking a look at the article and see if it inspires me to create original work. The key, of course, is original work, not a rip off of someone else’s writings and not a thinly disguised rewrite of the article.

My policy regarding working for others is this: if you trust my writing talents, you can trust that what I write for you will be “knock their socks off” good writing that will stand on its own two feet.

A good writer is a wellspring of original material while a poor writer hangs on to coattails of other writers or, worse, steals their information outright. Don’t get caught up in the “article mill” schemes that some so-called writers are involved in. Your reputation is at stake and you will be found out.

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson

Lost In The World Of Article Submission?

There are hundreds of theories on what makes the internet tick. How will one consumer find you on this big thing called the Web? Any webmaster knows that it is the most important element to finding and keeping traffic flowing to their website. Yet, it is not always all that easy of a problem to solve. Let’s face it, there are hundreds of webmasters out there trying to do the same thing that you are. So, you have competition beyond reason.

Although it is quite difficult for you to get your website traffic up if you don’t know how, if you do, then it’s rather simple. There are many benefits to you from simply writing and submitting articles to article submission websites. This simple process can generate a steady flow of traffic unlike any other. It is quite amazing the results that you can get from this very easy process. Here are some more details for you to consider about article submission.

First, understand how it all works. You write an article, presumably about your product, service or website. Normally, you will want to insure that it is writing without the suggestion of, Come here. I’ve got a great sale for you. This type of article will most likely not be used or it will not even be allowed into publishing. The article should be crafted surrounding whatever is going to pull your customer in. The goal is to have them click and locate you.

At the bottom of your article, you will use a resource box to include your information. Who you are and what you can do for the customer. You will also have the most powerful part of the entire article there. That is of course your website link.

All of this is submitted to an article submission website which will then publish it. Anyone who wants to can pick up your article and place it onto their own website. When they do this, they are required to use the entire article and the resource box on their website. That means that now your website link is on every website out there of every person that picks up your article. This could literally be thousands and thousands of websites.

So, now that you have your articles written and submitted, you can count on receiving some traffic. The more well written the article is, the more attractive it is for other webmasters, the more it will be picked up and used. That means more and more back links to your website. This is of course an excellent way to insure traffic to your website.

When you take this to the next level, article submission really can translate into a lot of traffic. For example, now that you have written one well written article and got some action off of it, you are ready to do this again and again. That’s because you can write any article and get the same results. So, now you don’t just have one article out there generating traffic for you, but you have five, ten, or twenty doing the work for you.

Article submission websites are an excellent way for you to generate traffic to your website. You probably will not find a better location to find such a virtually free way of getting your website out there. It really makes a lot of sense and it’s quite simple.

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Do You Know The Value Of Article Marketing?

To Your Success!

Rick Nelson